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Inventory Management Solutions 

Marina Industrial (MI), an inventory management solution provider, leverages techno innovation to fuel change.

MI integrates the world’s most advanced, cloud-based inventory control software, SupplySystem IS, in smart dispensing solutions that deliver real-time intelligence and actionable insights for its customer inventories. Besides adding value to customers’ businesses through smart solutions, MI also lowers operating costs, increases productivity,  reduces compliance-related risks, and most importantly improves businesses’ bottom-lines.

Inventory Control Solutions

24/7 Availability,

Zero Stock Outage, Absolute Control, Reduces Costs > 40%, >Productivity,

100% Modular,

Parts Management, Project Management

SupplySystem IS

Tracks Costs, Tracks Usage, Controls Access,

Order Management, Actionable Metrics, Monitors Inventory Health, Small Human Interaction Footprint

Mechanical  Equipment 

Matco-Norca, Lone Star Steel: Valves/ Piping/ Fittings

  HVAC: Coleman,  AIREX Filters, U.S. Pipe, Dayton, 3M, Johnson Controls, Emerson, Honeywell   

MRO Supplies

Duracell/ Energizer/GP/Industrial/ Specialty

Georgia Pacific: GP Pro, Dixie, enMotion, ActiveAire, Pacific Blue, Brawny Pro, Sparkle Pro, AccuWipe, HAI